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At least since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force, data protection is not just an issue for affected companies or organizations. Furthermore the public became sensitized to it.

This means that data protection is not just a legal obligation. It rather touches the reliance a customer has in a company. So that data protection does not become an obstacle, we can offer the appropriate service to help you implementing the national and international law regulations.

For this we have a team consisting of computer scientists, business economists as well as experienced lawyers. Our focus is not on to bind your companie or facility to us. Our foundation ist trust. So we want to earn this trust from you and accompany your organization on the path to data protection compliance.

Why hire us?

Cost control through individual offers without contract period

Reference for all questions around the topic of data protection

Working together as partners to strengthen the trust of your customers and business partners

Security through understandable solution concepts

Our target group






Private persons



Privacy advice / PenTest

There is often a high level of uncertainty about data protection within affected institutions, such as companies, membership associations or even ​​private individuals. We can support you in all data protection relevant topics.


External data protection officer

As an external data protection officer, we can support you in implementing and optimizing the essential processes in your company or facility.


Privacy policies for websites / online-shops / apps / social media presences

The law requires website operators, online shop operators as well as app providers to observe certain specifications.

This means this group of persons have to inform in the form of an easily accessible privacy policy.

Our range of services therefore also includes compliant privacy policies for websites including social media presences, online shops and apps.


Data breach

In the case of a data breach, we can support you for example with the communication with the authority. Wrong behaviour in a case of a data breach may lead to more issues.


Various blanks

We offer a wide range of different sample forms concerning the privacy policy. The include, for example, consert statements, employee data processing declarations, contract processing contracts (GCUs), industry - specific privacy statements, works agreements, etc.


Supporting data protection officers

Apart from our activity as an external data protection officer, we offer you the opportunity to assist your internal data protection officer in the fulfillment of his tasks.


International data protection/representatives of controllers or processors not established in the EU

For companies operating globally, the topic of ​​international data protection may also be important. The difficulty lies in the observance and application of the partially divergent data protection regulations of the respective states. Companies not established in the EU, but who offer products or services within the EU area or systematically observe the behavior of EU citizens, need a EU representative. He acts as the contact person for customers or authorities.


Training / Seminars

In addition to our advisory activities, we also offer training for employees or specific lectures / seminars around the topic of data protection by our experts (for example data protection especially for clubs).

Strategic process

Our experts will analyze your current status with regard to data protection compliance.Based on this analysis, you will receive an offer, which shows how we can support you. For us data protection means trust. This is why you are not entering into a binding relationship with us.

7 steps to data protection compliance
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1. General about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR applies since 25.05.2018 directly in all EU countries. The purpose of the GDPR is to harmonize the data protection law within the EU.

This should strengthen the protection of personal data as well as the citizens' personal rights.

2. Who has to pay attention to the regulations of the GDPR?

Both non-public facilitys (self-employed, companies, membership associations) and public facilitys like authorities must comply with the GDPR.

Private persons do not have to pay attention to the GDPR as long as they process personal data only for personal or family purposes.

3. Who is responsible for compliance?

The responsible person is usually the owner or manager within a company. The data protection officer is never responsible for the comliance. He only takes on an advisory or supporting role.

4. In which cases do you need a data protection officer?

A facility needs a data protection as far as usually at least ten persons constantly deal with the processing of personal data. It does not matter whether the ten people are in paid employment or volunteers.

5. What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person, as well as any information about the personal or material circumstances of a particular or identifiable natural person.

6. What are the fundamental changes that came with the GDPR?

In contrast to the old legal situation, the GDPR extended the duties of the responsible person.

Furthermore, the accountability was introduced by the GDPR. This means that the responsible person hast to be able to prove that his personal data is processed in compliance with data protection laws.

The information obligations were extended. This means that the responsible person must inform in a more transparent and comprehensive manner.

In addition, the money fine has drastically increased in breaches of data protection rules and the responsible person has to take appropriate technical organizational measures, which protect the personal data processed by him.


How much does our service cost you?
The costs usually vary due to the individual needs of each target group.
We therefore do not consider it as useful to offer monthly amounts or long contract periods. We will gladly submit you an individual offer.

Can monthly fixed costs be incurred?
If you need us as an external data protection officer, our offers also include monthly prices.
If you are interested, please contact us.